News and updates on Incabus Cloud in August 2016

New control panel for Office 365

Now you can manage your subscriptions, domains, accounts and passwords for Office 365 on Incabus Cloud. The service works directly with Office 365 and all changes are made in real time. The service is still under development but we will continuously update the control panel until all the functions are in place.

The service replaces Exchange Hosting (eh) and Cloud Apps (ca), in which we previously offered various Microsoft Office subscriptions and e-mail, contacts, to-do, calendars and much more. All customers who previously used Exchange Hosting and Cloud Apps has been transferred to Office 365 and can continue to use all the functions as previously.

If you need to make changes that are not yet available in the control panel, you can send an e-mail to and we will do the change within one hour during business hours.

News and updates in general

As usual we have updated the other services with performance improvements and various bug fixes.

News and events at Incabus Cloud in June 2016

Here is information on the news and updates we made on Incabus Cloud in June 2016

News and updates in DNS Hosting (dh)

DNS Hosting has changed in appearance and get a lot new features and improvements.The following features have been added.

  • A single form to create new domains, both primary and secondary.
  • New and more logical arrangement of the form to add or modify DNS records.
  • Corrected errors when moving a DNS entry from one domain to a different domain in the DNS record form.
  • Possibility to choose one or more items in the list of domain records and to copy the entries to a different domain.
  • Possibility to choose one or more items in the list of domain records and delete them.
  • Possibility to apply the values in the form for standard values for the SOA record for all domains.

The possibility of exporting data has been changed as follows.

  • Improving the ability to export lists of domains in CSV, JSON and XML formats.
  • Improving the ability to export lists of domain records in CSV, JSON and XML formats.
  • Export of the domain’s zone file in BIND format.

News and updates in general

Various bug fixes and performance improvements are also included in this update.

News and updates on Incabus Cloud

We are launching our new service Cloud Apps (ca)

With Cloud Apps, you can order Office 365 Business, Office 365 Business Premium and Office 365 ProPlus as well as Cloud Antivirus and Endpoint Cloud Antivirus Server. During the contract period, you can always add or remove licenses depending on how many are needed in your business. You do not have to buy licenses that are not used if employees terminate and you also always have access to the latest versions without the need to buy upgrades. You simply change the number of licenses you use in Cloud Apps and only pay monthly for what you use. With Office 365, each employee can install Office on up to 5 devices as well as using Office Online.

News in Online Backup (ob)

We now change the service so you don’t have a fixed quota for your backup. Instead, you get a quota of 2 TB, but you only pay for what you use with a “Pay as you go” model. This means you pay less per month than you do today. You also avoid error messages if the backup is not executed because the quota is full. The changes are effective from June 2015.

News in the Dashboard

The “Your Services” box now displays a summary of the services your company uses as well as the monthly cost per service and the total monthly cost. Note that this only applies to the services available at Incabus Cloud. In future updates, you will be able to see a total picture of all your services, contracts and monthly expenses.

News in all services

  • You can now submit comments by going to your personal menu. You do not need to go to any of the dashboards.
  • Graphical updates in dashboards and other components.
  • General bug fixes and performance improvements..

If you have questions, you are as usual welcome to call our office at telephone: +46 8 556 964 60. You can also send an email to