News and events at Incabus Cloud in June 2016

Here is information on the news and updates we made on Incabus Cloud in June 2016

News and updates in DNS Hosting (dh)

DNS Hosting has changed in appearance and get a lot new features and improvements.The following features have been added.

  • A single form to create new domains, both primary and secondary.
  • New and more logical arrangement of the form to add or modify DNS records.
  • Corrected errors when moving a DNS entry from one domain to a different domain in the DNS record form.
  • Possibility to choose one or more items in the list of domain records and to copy the entries to a different domain.
  • Possibility to choose one or more items in the list of domain records and delete them.
  • Possibility to apply the values in the form for standard values for the SOA record for all domains.

The possibility of exporting data has been changed as follows.

  • Improving the ability to export lists of domains in CSV, JSON and XML formats.
  • Improving the ability to export lists of domain records in CSV, JSON and XML formats.
  • Export of the domain’s zone file in BIND format.

News and updates in general

Various bug fixes and performance improvements are also included in this update.

Incabus Cloud updates are completed

The previously announced updates are now completed, and you can now access all the control panels on Incabus Cloud. The control panels at Incabus Cloud has also been updated with new features that we hope can be useful.

If you use WordPress and PHP in the Web Hosting service, make sure that your sites and all features are working properly. Our front-end servers are now using updated PHP and the Apache web server, which can cause errors in older PHP code. The PHP that is being used now is version 5.5.9.

Upcoming Updates

During this week we will update a number of servers that affect the services Online Backup and Web Hosting.

Online Backup

We will upgrade both hardware and software, which will provide increased performance and new features . If you use Online Backup you will be able to manage the backup of Exchange DAG and have increased functionality for virtualization platforms such as VMware and Hyper-V.

There will possibly be some failed backups when the upgrade is performed. This can be remedied by starting a new backup manually or wait until the next time the backup job runs.

Web Hosting

We will switch to database servers that have a newer version of MySQL. This will not affect the operation but if you use MySQL databases for your web sites, we ask you to check that the server name is If you are using another server name, you will no longer be able to access your databases until you change the server name.

You can find the current operating status and information about planned work on our website under our system status page.

If you have questions, you are as usual welcome to call our office at telephone: +46 8 556 964 60. You can also send an email to